What research has been done?
For close to three years it was tested on human ailments and injuries, eventually leading to successful trials on pets.
Research on human diseases
Over 4 years of research and studies demonstrate a significant improvement in many areas
Arthritis, arthrosis
It has been shown that the use of Vortex device during several days (depending on the duration and degree of disease, age of patient, etc.) relieves chronic pain in all recorded cases without the use of pharmacological products, significantly accelerates healing of bruises and wounds, and also helps to reduce inflammation.

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Menstrual pain
Vortex device has shown to be effective in relieving menstrual pain when used for 30 minutes at a field strength of at least 180 μT.

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According to the subjective feelings of subjects and objective control of the attending physician, the effectiveness of the Vortex device can be assessed as high because:

- it increases the efficiency of standard treatment of recurrent stage 1-2 hemorrhoids – instead of 7-10 days, it takes no more than 4-5 days;

- it allows to stop the administration of pharmaceutical products.

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Scratch assay in cell culture
Based on similar effects of the pharmaceutical product and Vortex magnetic device, it was concluded that the use of this device is reasonable for relief of pains of various etiologies, inflammations, tumors and stimulation of wound healing, as well as in order to compensate nervous disorders, depressive conditions and restore cognitive functions.

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Vortex Disk testing based on proliferation model
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