VX Pet Magic
Is a therapeutic PEMF device that drastically reduces health problems and helps in the treatment and rehabilitation of your pet.
We prolong the life of your pet and restore its youth
What problems does VX Pet Magic solve?
Pain and Inflammation
Arthritis and joint pain
Hip dysplasia
Dislocations and fractures
Post-surgery recovery
Inflammation of the bladder
Kidney diseases
Remove the disk from base
Press the START button
Apply to injured area
Direct action
Non invasive
It is the most important and valuable feature of the device. Our device has an effect only on the area that requires treatment, as distinct from medication, which have an effect on the entire body
With the help of the device, animals fall asleep much faster and have a deeper sleep
The device is applied only by touching pet's skin. There is no internal penetration
Increases blood flow and circulation at the site of application
Reduces inflammation
and boosts pet's immune system
Accelerates cellular metabolism and migration by healthy cells
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and sold 400 units in 1 month
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