Our company plans to use the latest technologies to create devices that can quickly and effectively solve various health problems not only for pets but also for people.
As the VX technology was primarily developed as a portable PEMF device for professional athletes to help increase healing and reduce inflammation.
Since 2016, we have been engaged in scientific research of magnetic fields and the development of a new highly effective physiotherapy device that is a breakthrough in the field of pain relief.
Studies show an increase in cell proliferation by 270% and an increase in wound healing degree by over 42%.
The research results are 1.5 times higher than the results of popular medical products
Trials conducted with the participation of veterinarians and pet owners have shown remarkable results.
Our jorney
Idea was born
First Study contucted
Logo and device sketched
VRTX Technologies founded
Electro-magnetic therapy begins
First prototype created
Magnetic field narrowed
Pilot VX devices released
Field measurements simulated
Launched testing of the devices
Trademark and domain registered
Impact cell proliferation by 1.5x
VX 2.0 with built-in battery
Patent filed
Clinical trials on 200 humans
Impact cell proliferation by 2x
FDA certification initiated
Impact cell prolifiration by 3x
Validation study contacted on pets
Indiegogo launch - VX Pet Magic
Start tooling
Pre-production sample preview
Start shipping devices
VRTX Technologies Inc.
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